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Hi Shawn, I want to thank you VERY much for your help. You can't imagine how worried I was. I truly didn't know how I would get by after being discharged to home. My mind is at ease now , due in large measure to your efforts to assist us. Just fyi, my surgery is scheduled for November 20 and we just found out today that Harry will be getting a knee replacement on January 31st. Copy Cat ! We wish you a Thanksgiving full of gratitude and a Christmas full of blessings. Warmly, Heather

Heather,  So glad it all worked out!  Shawn

Lisa Jo Landsberg

Partnering with Shawn ended up being an answer to our prayers.  Mom was able to move into a private-pay facility that did not accept Medicare or Medicaid. Her monthly fees would have bankrupted us in short order.  My family and I are forever grateful to you, Shawn for your love, support and impeccable knowledge of your industry. You are the best. Lisa Jo

Thank you Lisa Jo for your kind words.  I am thankful Mary Grace was able to be cared for in the manner she and your family wanted.  She was a very special lady indeed.  Shawn

a teacher in Texas

I am very grateful to you, Shawn, for all you have done to help me. You are always responsive to my questions. Your work is very important, and your company is lucky to have you! Thank you so much. Jane


Shawn can guide you from personal family experience and is very responsive and attentive to your particular needs.


Shawn, Your seminar made me realize that I'm not too young to plan ahead and I want to thank you. I don't know what I would do if I left my family without protection. Both my mom and dad needed care and it put a strain on our family that I can't even describe. I will forever be grateful. JW

Thank you JW.  So glad I was able to help.  Shawn  

B. Morris

Dear Shawn, Thank you for assisting me in finally preparing for my long term care needs. Your knowledge and expertise was most impressive. I really appreciated your attention to detail, as well as your patience in answering my concerns. It was such a pleasure to work with you. I will definitely recommend your services to my family & friends. Happy New Year!  Beth M.

Steve C.

Shawn is the knowledgeable and helpful professional we all hope to work with any time. She listened to our concerns, carefully evaluated our needs, and designed the right solution for me and my wife.  She was most helpful and we are very satisfied with our solution.  Steve C.

Jane A.

Single women especially need to plan for future long term care needs, and Shawn will help you find the best available plan that meets your goals and budget. Jane A.

Mrs. B from Texas

Shawn is very helpful and it was a pleasure to work with her on long term care planning. She answered any questions I had--and I had a lot- with easy to understand answers about this important part of life planning. My husband and I believe that our long term care insurance is the foundation of our retirement security. Mrs. B from Texas

S. St. James

Thank you so much for helping me understand long term care and the need for early planning. I have watched family members deplete our estate for too long not realizing the urgency to plan while young and healthy. You are the hero for our family. Thank you!! S. St James

Joan Whitt

I am so glad that I purchased a policy much earlier than I might have thought I needed it from Shawn Davis.  It is reassuring to know that I have the LTC insurance will be available when I need it.  J. W.

Roger Johnston

I have had some major illnesses in the past and didn't think i would qualify but Shawn helped me find the right product.  I am so glad we have this coverage and it is very affordable considering what other insurance costs. Shawn is very, very knowledgable and a delight to work with.

Robin Bepko

I see first hand everyday how important LTC insurance is. My mother-in-law had a major stroke 3 years ago. Her policy has provided her the ability to remain in her own home with care givers and help from my father-in-law. Without her LTC policy, I am not sure if she would be in a nursing home or living with one of her children. She is so much happier being in her own home.  Robin B.



N Tubb

I have known Shawn for 25 years and can tell you she is the hardest worker of anyone I know. We were so lucky to get into the policy we have. We have nothing but excellent relationships and communication with Shawn. It is such a great feeling that we will be able to have the care we need when that day comes.  I wish I had had a policy for my mother as she lived with us for a year and a half before passing away.

Mary McClain

Having a long term care policy gives me piece of mind. I am single, with no children or siblings, this insurance gives me the protection I need in case of a long term care situation.  MM

Susan chambers

I am glad that I have long term health care. I have a plan and it feels good.

Susan,  My hope is that you will never have the need to use it!  

Linda Johnston

I am very glad that I purchased a LTC policy several years ago. I have not had an occasion to use it, thank goodness, but the comfort in knowing that it is available if I were to become so ill, is quite comforting to me. My son is at the age where he should be considering a LTC care, especially since he has a wife and two adolescent children.

Bonny Davis

Thank you, Shawn, for helping me help myself when I will need it most! I know that I will be in the best place in the future, so keep up the good work!

want the best for you Auntie!
Partnering with Shawn ended up being an answer to our prayers.  Mom was able to move into a private-pay facility that did not accept Medicare or Medicaid. Her monthly fees would have bankrupted us… Read More

Lisa Jo Landsberg

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